Doctors give us 10 tips to lead a healthy life

Do physical exercise about 4 times a week and for at least 40 minutes. It is not worth any type of exercise, it must be of adequate intensity to our physical condition and eminently aerobic, to improve cardiovascular health.


Maintain a regular schedule of the main meals : it is important to regularize the time of breakfast, lunch and dinner, so the body will get used to the schedule of nutrients and regularize it in the most optimal way.


Slowly chewing food will save the digestive system work, which will make the digestions lighter and avoid reflux diseases, excessive acidity or excessive energy expenditure to digest food.


You have to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables , up to 600 grams a day. What will ensure the contribution of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


After 4 years, the consumption of fat belonging to dairy products must be monitored and moderate .

Since we have to provide fat to the body, better choose those that are of higher quality, such as extra virgin olive oil . This oil will provide fat based on monounsaturated fatty acids beneficial to health, in addition to providing vitamins and antioxidants.


Consume fish 3 or more times per week , as it provides omega essential fatty acids.

Be careful when choosing meats, lean meats will provide protein and leave aside the saturated fat that accompanies other types of meat. Especially doctors recommend chicken meat , turkey rabbit and ostrich .


Sodas and sugary drinks are a very common way of contributing a lot of calories and people think they do not gain as much, but the truth is that they contain a lot of sugar and therefore in the long term it is a factor that contributes to obesity.


Miracle diets and foods do not exist . Before going on a diet or any type of diet, it is best to contact your doctor and consult a gym for an individualized plan.

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